Class 1 Half term homework challenges 🐝

Date: 20th Oct 2018 @ 9:36pm

What a great half term the Busy Bee 🐝 class have had learning around the theme: ‘Ourselves.’ 

Homework ideas for the half term break: 

🐝 Journeys: as you go on trips this week take time to talk to your child about how you are travelling, how long the journey takes, alternative modes of transport etc. You could also talk about how people might have made the journey in the past and you could get creative with your thinking and imagine ways that the journey could be made in the future! 

🐝 Handwriting: next half term we will continue practising the caterpillar letter formation and will begin to practise the robot letter formation (information picture attached!) You could support your child to make circular shapes (anti-clockwise) and verticals lines (starting at the top and going down) with chalk, big paint brushes and water, sticks in sand and mud etc to make this activity fun! It’s really important that as children’s writing skills emerge they form letters with accuracy. This helps them write with greater fluency as they progress on their writing journey. 

🐝 Writing lists: if you are going shopping encourage your child to write a list for you or help you to write a list. They could draw pictures and use the letters they know. Ensure you give them lots of praise for their attempts and use their list when you are doing your shopping so that they appreciate its purpose and feel proud. Our year 1 writers have been writing lists this half-term and should organise each item in their lists underneath each other, with bullet points or numbers. 

🐝 Play board games: playing board games is a really valuable activity. It supports children to add and subtract using a number-line. It’s also great fun and helps children to take-turns and experience winning and losing.

🐝 Play dough: our play dough table has been really popular! You could have a go at making your own playdough at home. Top tips: swap flour for cornflour to make the mixture stiffer (this helps your child to develop the muscles in their hands 🖐). Instead of sitting at a table get them to stand at the table (this helps them to develop their upper body strength 💪🏻.)

🐝 Boxes of hope: you may have read the school blog about the Boxes of Hope charity which our school supports. Each year in Class 1 we like to put together a few boxes as a class. It would be great if you could add an item or two to your supermarket shop this week to contribute to our class boxes - please read the link for ideas:


Please check your child’s reading folder for phonics sounds with actions and year 1 spellings to help you support your child with their learning. 

Next half term our learning will be based around the theme: ‘Journeys.’ The website will be updated with our planning ideas soon. We hope you have a super half-term break and we look forward to seeing some of your experiences shared on Tapestry. 

Mrs Walker, Miss Taylor-Crozier and Mrs Bowden 😀

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