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About the Project

We are thrilled to unveil our ambitious project to transform our school grounds into vibrant spaces that ignite curiosity, inspire learning, and promote green initiatives. Our goal is to reimagine our outdoor areas, create more green spaces for learning and play with a strong emphasis on the environment, sustainability, and the well-being of our children.

This Jubilee Playground was opened 20th June 1898. This project aims to bring the playground up to date whilst honouring its long history.

We are working together with our community to create space that can be enjoyed and used by everyone in the village and surrounding areas.

The Plan

The school has managed with its current facility and made improvements over the years. However, the school community have assessed that a major shift is required to address all the problems - this solution is called ‘Cartmel Primary Goes Wild’. This project is divided into 6 phases, each one individually deliverable and which sets a course of improvements that may take 5 to 10 years to complete.

The main features of the overall project are:

-          New car parking area

-          Improved and new hedging and fencing

-          Rubber-bound safer surfacing

-          Lots of new trees, planting and hedging

-          Different play options to suit all needs: quiet areas, play equipment, natural play, trim trail, imaginative play spaces

-          Shelters, storage and seating

-          New growing area with greenhouse 

-          Increased eco-diversity

-          Allotment area for food growing


Why is this project needed now?

1.       Safety

Children want to simply play and there are several aspects of the current play area which prevent this from being as good as possible.

The playground is just a tarmac surface which results in a lot of cuts and scrapes. Modern surfaces improve the experience for all. We need to refresh the hedges surrounding the site and add additional shelters - for both rain and sun. Currently staff have to park their vehicles to one side of the play area.. We have tight protocols around cars moving but to remove them from the playground altogether would be ideal. The cars also prevent young people feeling ownership of this space. 


2.       Increasing mental health challenges

The design of a play space can help young people.

Research over recent years has time and again shown how the design of the spaces we are in effects our mood and creativity. Good design will significantly enhance all users’ experience. 


3.       Growing evidence of outdoor learning benefits

The school would like to be further embrace outdoor learning for the benefits of all pupils.

The school building and play area are separated by a main road. Effective storage on the play-side of the road makes this a lot easier for all those involved. The school does enjoy ‘learning outside the classroom’ and would like to embrace this in a wider context. They have identified that they would be able to do this better with shelter, seating, and storage.


4.       Climate Change

All organisations are being challenged to recognise the part they must play to address the threats of climate change.

A large area of tarmac is not a climate friendly solution. Not only is it a space barren of nature, but it also reduces the opportunities for the young people to take responsibility for managing their own greener spaces. Young people today are those challenged with reverting the climate crisis and need the be able to learn with their peers how to play their part. Growing own food, learning about composting and prioritising nature are among the critical skills young people need to learn. 


The project is a large undertaking for a small school. We have decided to divide into 6 manageable phases. This will allow us to deliver the project with minimal disruption to the staff, pupils, and the village.

Our full project will cost £565k to deliver. Phase One is a standalone phase which will cost £161k of which £85,000 (52%) has already been pledged.

We are a small team and are realistic about the resources we have available to fundraise. Our tactics focus on our strengths to achieve the funds we require, and to use only the tactics we require for Phase One, whilst acknowledging future phases will need a different mix of tactics.


Our fundraising campaign will include support from the following:

·         Major Donors

·         Trust and Foundation Grants

·         PTA Events

·         Community groups

·         Businesses and Corporates

·         Participatory Fundraising


Phase 1

Phase 1 will kickstart this project, tackling several key issues we have highlighted. A designated staff and visitor car park will be established at the south end of the site, ensuring separation of cars from the pupils. In addition, a new kitchen garden, featuring a greenhouse, growing beds and a cozy pavilion for shelter. This will enable hands-on outdoor learning experiences, connecting children with growing food and sustainability. To enhance accessibility a double doorway will be constructed in the side of the hall, this will allow easy access to the garden and facilities. A picnic area will sit alongside this so that children can their lunch amongst beautiful surroundings in the sunshine. Phase 1 will include the relocation of a pinnacle formerly situated in Cartmel Square, preserving its historical significance while finding it a new home within our school grounds. Phase 1 lays the groundwork for subsequent phases, making these initial changes will pave the way for future improvements.

If you know of any funding that would be suitable for this project we would love to hear from you. Please contact us by email:

Alumni Project

The school has started an Alumni project so that local distinctiveness and heritage can be preserved. We have set up a Cartmel Primary Alumni Facebook page in an attempt to reach as many ex-pupils, teachers and governors as possible. If you are one of these please do join this group and share your memories with us, see link below: -

If you would like to find out more about this, please contact us on

We would like to invite our community, pupils, teachers past and present to our Summer Picnic. See details below. We welcome you to come along for a day of family fun.

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