Class 1 Homework Challenges - 15.03.19

Date: 15th Mar 2019 @ 4:22pm

What a very busy week with so much going on!


English - We have been lookign at using capital letters, for proper nouns (names and places) and at the beginning of a sentence. The children could be detectives and edit and change some sentences you have written, editing them for key spelling and grammer like capitals, full stops, finger spaces. For reception, any additional letter formation is fantastic, paint, slime, gloop, sand, mud with a range of resources other than their fingers too.


Reading/Phonics - Please continue to read with your child and sign their reading logs. Practising sight words such as playing the simple games such as rolling a dice to see how many times to say each word or timing one minute to see if they can improve their score each day. Just short and sharp but often!


Maths – We have continued to look at tally charts and year 1 have completed their own pictograms. You could create a pictogram or tally at home or when out and about. (Attached). The children have been practising their teen and ty numbers again as it’s something we struggle with, we discuss how the ‘1’ is 1 ten and the units are ones. Looking at place value and using groups of objects such as sticks banded together and individual ones for the children to create different numbers will help their maths overall as place value is integral to lots of maths. We have also been telling the time! This week we have looked at the time to the hour and half hour with some children looking at quarter too and past. Any time games on apps, looking at the clock and the different names for the hands, little questions throughout the day to test them – all helpful! As a challenge, can the children draw the hands on some clocks and write the times? Or create their own clock with moving hands?!


Design Technology – Could the children do some cooking or baking over the weekend? (The weather isn’t meant to be too great!) Can they write a list using bullet points of the ingredients or a shopping list, help to weigh, measure and make, then taste and evaluate how they might make it better? Children could even create a video of instructions step by step or have a go at writing and drawing pictures.


Geography – next week we are explorers of Cartmel! We will be having a walk around the village, using maps and conducting some basic fieldwork. The children could create a map or list of things they already know are in Cartmel, maybe have a walk and take pictures of key things to put on their map or simply pictures to write about or any landmarks they know of to draw. They could create a tally of cars that come in and out Cartmel or the number of dogs and walkers in Cartmel Park.


Please remember to update Tapestry with anything you have been up to so we can share it in class!

Have a lovely weekend (:

Miss Taylor-Crozier ad Mrs Bowden

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