Class 1 Homework Challenges 11.01.19

Date: 11th Jan 2019 @ 7:41pm

What a busy first week back! We are now a class of 24 with Ella who started on Thursday in Y1. The children have been very friendly and welcoming and I'm sure she will love being part of the Busy Bees! 

We are continuing to try and read with your child twice a week. Please try and read at home with your child(ren) as often as possible. It's one of the best ways to support their development and promote a lifelong love of reading and interest in books! We are having a push this half term on letter formation, particularly those in our names (Rec) and reading sight words. You could play sight word bingo, set a time challenge for how many in 30 seconds each day or practise writing and reading them in a range of materials e.g. mud, salt, gloop. 


In maths we have been continuing with 1 more and 1 less as its quite a tricky concept for most children. We have also been looking at place value of 2-digit numbers (Y1 and some others), understanding how many tens and ones each number is made up of. We have been using base ten for this to support. You could use bundles or sticks, pens etc for a group of ten and then ones to help your children master this. We have also been practising our doubling song, I’m sure they will teach you the actions! Furthermore, we have been practising our addition and have been hopping frogs outside along the number lines and using a range of resources to help us and write the number sentences. Addition sums can be practised in hundreds of ways with hundreds of objects. You might want to practise some and have a go at using the correct signs (+ - =) to write the corresponding number sentences. 

Doubles to double 10: 

Double 1 is 2, tap it on your shoe.   

Double 2 is 4, stamp it on the floor.   

Double 3 is 6, pick up all your sticks.  

Double 4 is 8, put your arms up straight.  

Double 5 is 10, here we go again.  

Double 6 is 12, puppies dig and delve.  

Double 7 is 14, put a crown on like the queen.  

Double 8 is 16, can you keep the windows clean?  

Double 9 is 18, how many places have you been?  

Double 10 is twenty, I think we’ve got plenty! 

In English we have been looking at Jack and the Beanstalk. We have used drama, sequenced the story, wrote speech and thought of alternate endings. You could use familiar stories or those you have just read to describe or act out the beginning, middle or end of the story/film, (including parts in the middle if this is too easy!). 

In topic we have looked at New Year's Eve, comparing the traditions in the UK. The children found this very interesting and some questions were asked about other countries in the world. You could research some facts/create a poster/draw a picture to share in topic next week or to put up alongside our New Year's resolutions display! You may simply want to make a firework picture.

Don't forget to update tapestry at any time with things you have done over the weekend/in an evening. We often share them as a class in circle time and it's lovely to see what everyone has been up to!

Have a great weeekend (:

Miss Taylor-Crozier, Mrs Bowden and Miss Lace

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