Class 1 Homework Challenges 15.02.19

Date: 16th Feb 2019 @ 1:11pm

This week has been a very busy one! We have been lucky to have lots of visitors and outings such as lunch at the church. Not being in the classroom Friday because of building works but we had a great time over at the hall and in the sunshine outside.

Next half term our topic is Explorers! Along with reading and practising your high frequency and tricky words there is an abundance of things to do surrounding this topic, here are some ideas of things you may want to do...

English/History - we have been practising writing lists, using bullet points and short concise information without a full stop at the end. Children could write about an explorer of choice and all the things/places they have been or a list of items they would need in their explorers backpack - depending on where they were off to! They could create a fact file or poster about an explorer they are interested in or a a piece of writing about where they would like to explore in the world, (see if they can include a !, ? or conjunction for year one or simple sentences with capitals, finger spaces and full stops for reception).

Geography - looking and at using maps, a globe and becoming familiar with the U.K. and main continents and oceans. Looking at the different regions and comparing them, deserts, polar regions, jungle...

Reading - looking at a range of non fiction factual books and discussing the key elements included in these as the children learn about explorers and new places all over the world. Grange library may be good for this!

Maths - continue on with key number skills such as number binds, adding and subtracting. We are also going to be looking more at our 2, 5 and 10 times tables when we get back so any support with this would be great.

Please keep us updated with what you're doing over half term and post any of the lovely things you have been up to or doing on Tapestry, the we can share them on Monday during our recount writing (: Apologises for the dates mix up on the show and tell letter, obviously didn't feel like we all needed a half term!

We just want to wish all the luck in the world to one little lady who left us this week. We hope you have an amazing time at your new school and we will all miss you lots!

Have a lovely week off everyone (:

Miss Taylor-Crozier and Mrs Bowden

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