Class 1 Homework Challenges 18.01.19

Date: 18th Jan 2019 @ 8:14pm

What we have been up to this week... you may want to practise or have a go at some for homework. (:


We have been looking at number bonds to 5, 6 and 10. More able children in Y1 have been looking at bonds to 20 or even 100! We have also been practising our subtraction and addition. You may want to play dough smash (picture attached), have a go at some sums practically with resources or just include more simple problems in everyday life such as when shopping, making tea or in the car. One thing most children struggle with is using a number line and ‘bunny hopping’ along as they count one before moving their finger. For example 18-3, children place their finger on 18 and already count 1. Playing board games or using a number line to support them when working out sums will help to practise this. 


We have now finished our two weeks of Jack and the Beanstalk. You might want to start growing some beans or other plants at home, discussing what's needed and the different stages of growth. You could read/watch/do activities on other traditional tales and discuss the similarities of traditional tales. Some children may even want to have a go at writing their own or creating their own on a storyboard (we are very familiar with these!) We have been practising our letter formation too. Some children in reception would benefit from practising writing their name - in mud, water, gloop, water on the wall, paint, anything! Other general letters could be done using a highlighter to write the words or letters and supporting your child(ren) with writing over the top of it.  


We have been on a material hunt and started looking at the properties of materials as we discuss their purpose. You could have a material hunt at home, looking for different objects, think about why they have been made from that material as you discuss properties or conduct your own properties experiment. What would make it a fair test? 


Next week we will start looking at Spanish artist Joan Miro. Your child(ren) could create a piece of art in his style or research and write down some facts to share with the class next week. 


Children have been using the school laptops with Miss Lace in class. It would be wonderful if you could support your child with computer skills at home too. We’d like children to be able to turn on and shut down a computer properly and to access a simple activity. It would be great if children could type in their names. Perhaps they could have s ho at changing the size, colour and font too. Lots of us are familiar with iPads and phones however using a laptop/computer can be quite tricky, especially using a touchpad with mouse! 

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