Finally !! Pupil voice.

Date: 30th Jun 2019 @ 10:35am

"Reading Jason's books, then seeing him and the way he uses acting to bring the characters alive is just like watching a movie !!    He uses really good words to give me enthusiasm to read his books . Wow!!    The way he introduces characters by first taking the ordinary and what they are like and then adding super powers to make them exciting is just brilliant.  His ' Pow, Wow' just made me want to read more. I want to read anytime, as it is fun and helps my imagination for writing as I can pull in things I have experienced in a book. Reading helps my imagination but also my spelling as I can remember better words by seeing them in print. I like acting as it gives me confidence but I hadn't really thought how it helps my writing so I will use ideas more when I do write. I hope the teachers do more of this introduction to writing in the way Jason used,  as it is amazing. Gets our laughter going and our imaginations flying."

" I just can't stop laughing. The day was just super. I am going to get my Mum  to buy another book and read it to me." 

" I am going to think of an animal of my own and become a superhero like Jason did with us" 

My thoughts.

Seeing Jason in action for myself in his lessons and final assembly I know that the laughter and fun he generated yet offered stimulation for both reading and writing was just amazing. Creating characters that relate to everyday yet thinking about super powers was just lovely. Seeing children and adults responses to such an amazing day was just perfect for the creative arts and show the value such experiences can bring towards well being, relaxation and developing imagination for everyone.

I especially saw the value of the expressive arts through speaking, listening and the creativity which acting can bring to children of all ages. Tapping in to all of these things through someone who has gone through the process of writing a book and becoming an ' author' was a super experience. 

Dorothy Milner. Chair of Governors / English Link Governor.


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