Hopes and Dreams

Date: 11th Oct 2018 @ 7:49pm

The Busy Bees have had lots of fun today. A glass bottle with a message in appeared in the garden with a note saying “save the whale.” We had lots of discussion about who and what had left it and concluded it may be the snail from The Snail and the Whale?!” We wrote notes back and some children did some descriptive writing about where they had been on their adventures!

This afternoon we shared some of our hopes and dreams ribbons from mums and dads, started our dreamcatchers and watched a 1min clip of the BFG, giving us inspiration for our dream jars. It was lovely to read some of the wishes for your children and to hear some of their own. We had wishes and dreams ranging from “I dream one day I will have a puppy” to “I wish everyone in the world would be healthy.” We also looked at Martin Luther King yesterday to learn what his dream was and why he is so important to many. I also brought in some eggs from my chickens and we discussed the differences between the white and brown one before cracking them. Class 1 came to the conclusion that even though we all may look different and are special in our own little ways, we are all the same on the inside and must be treated equally with respect! 

I hope you all have a fantastic trip tomorrow afternoon! (: Please also remember to bring in your ribbons so we can share more in circle time, thank you!

Miss Taylor-Crozier

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