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Date: 30th Jun 2019 @ 11:06am

" I feel embarrassed when I have to act but the way Jason did it made me far more confident . It made me want to act things out  then write. I am already writing. I really liked Bel. I felt she was like me, as she is elegant, sophisticated, friendly, always joyful, kind and enthusiastic.  I'd like to fly as she does and have adventures with a bit of magic in my writing. I like the way he reads his books. It makes them funnier. He has learnt his story so he can then concentrate on the acting which adds to the interest and excitement. His superheroes are a weird combination of animals but he makes them work by going from the real to the super power they have. I loved the flutter book. I can really see a picture of the pages of a book fluttering as I read . 'Magic.' 

" I liked all the characters so hard to choose one I liked as my favourite. The fluttery book was really funny and I especially liked the way he said there was going to be a big explosion and the way he reacted really made us think. He used interesting words which I will try to use in my writing. I liked the way he used dialogue in his stories but his acting voice for the characters brought them alive. This really kept my interest alive" 

" I liked the way the 'real' went to the ' imaginary' which helped us believe in the characters. I liked the funniness of the stories. Very descriptive but helped by the acting which made it all more real. I thought the characters were a great team. I like fish fingers so thought the name was funny but in a great way. " 

" I have read all the books now and can't wait for more. I like all the jokes in the writing and the actions help the story. I really liked the Panteater with his allergies to ants.'Clever.'   The character really fitted the fish finger. I like the villains but also how the fish fingers save the day. Real superhero story line. I want to write about my own superhero now I have more ideas. This has been one of my most favourite days at school. It was just great. I am going to look for more books like Jason writes as it will help me write and read even more. I would like Jason to write more but he told us he is creating more stories about different characters for us to get excited about and laugh more.  I like illustrations in my books and will include cartoon style ones for the talking parts. " 

" Come back again Jason. We loved it! I really like superheroes as they are cool." 

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